Thematic Areas - Environment and Climate Change

Environment and Climate Change

Planting Trees to combat climate change
Planting Trees to Combat Climate Change

We support adoption of ecosystem-based climate change adaptation approaches for nature and resilient livelihoods. We work with communities to conserve and restore degraded ecosystems including rangelands, watersheds, forest among others. We support and strengthen natural resources governance and management for communities living in post-conflict areas. We conduct Environmental impact assessments for new projects as well as Environmental Audits for ongoing and completed development projects. Further, on climate resilience; we develop climate adaptive measures with communities, conduct climate vulnerability risk assessments, and support implementation of community led climate actions. This includes assessment of effects of climate change on livelihoods and natural resources, interpretation of climate data including Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change Reports. Assessment of Land Use Land Cover Change for various regions using GIS and Remote-Sensing, and interpretation of the resultant data.