Prof. George Morara Ogendi
Prof. George Morara Ogendi is currently a Professor of Environmental Health at the Department of Environmental Science, and Director, Graduate School at Egerton University, Kenya. He is a UNESCO Institute for Water Education graduate, a UNESCO-MAB Scholar, NFP Fellow, and Southern Regional Education Board Scholar. Further, George was a National Science Foundation Scholar and an ELP Fellow. Since 2009, George has been involved in mainstreaming various aspects Education for Sustainable Development into curricula for various training programs at primary, secondary and tertiary institutions in Kenya. He is a member of the Global Regional Centre of Excellence Secretariat for the Mau Forest Complex that is coordinating conservation and Education for Sustainable Development activities in the region. He has over 28 years of professional teaching and research experience at university level. His teaching and research interests are in the field of water resources management, climate change, adaptation and mitigation, water accessibility, water quantity and quality, and water, sanitation and hygiene where he has published extensively. In January/February 2023, George was a Visiting Professor for Water and Sanitation at the Pan African University Institute for Water, Energy Science Including Climate Change, Tlemcen, Algeria. Previously, he has been a Visiting Professor at the University of Dar Salaam, Tanzania. George was a Strategic Partner and Consultant for Global Environment Facility-Small Grants Programme (GEF-SGP) project for the Lake Bogoria Landscape from 2018 to 2022. He helped community based organizations within the Lake Bogoria Landscape in Baringo County in attracting over one million dollars (USD 1 million) for various development projects. The funded projects addressed environmental conservation and livelihood improvement for the local communities as well as food security, nutrition, water and sanitation, ecotourism, climate change mitigation and adaptation, wildlife conservation, beekeeping, smart agriculture, pasture and livestock production. Prof. Ogendi is a Co-Founder of the Research Link International (a Non-Governmental Organization) whose focus is on water and sanitation, environmental conservation, and climate resilient livelihoods development, energy management, audit and efficiency. He is an Environmental Impact Assessment Expert and has competencies in natural resources governance and conflict management; community development in post conflict areas, and climate change mitigation and adaptation. He has vast experience on transboundary water issues having served as a consultant for IGAD’s Inland Water Resources Management Programme project from 2014 to 2016. Further, he has extensive consultancy and research experience on household water handling practices, sanitation, hygiene and disease prevalence in low-income urban settlements.