David Kang'ole
David Kang’ole is an Animal Health specialist with 8 years extensive experience in coordinating and overseeing Agriculture and food security programs roles in NGOs, private sector and County Government of Turkana. He currently manages implementation of both developmental, emergency and recovery projects within Turkana county, inter-County and a cross the international borders of Kenya Uganda, Kenya South Sudan and Kenya Ethiopia and closely engaged with pastoralist communities who are part of the larger Karamoja cluster that traverses from extreme North-Eastern Uganda to similarly large and relatively remote regions of neighboring South Sudan, South West Nyangatom/ South OMO-Ethiopia and internally with other counties ranging from West Pokot, Samburu, Marsabit and Baringo. David is also a registered Vet. by Kenya Veterinary Board and he is a member of Union of Veterinary Practitioners in Kenya-UVPK.