About Us

Research Link International Network (ReLIN)

About Us

Research Link International Network (ReLIN) is a non-profit organization leveraging the power of research to contribute to sustainable development, enhancement of livelihoods and environmental conservation through evidence-based human interventions. At ReLIN, we believe in solving problems by understanding the root causes and developing sustainable solutions using locally available resources backed with scientific evidence. We have a dedicated diverse team of experts with over 40 years of working experience that are committed to supporting and enhancing resilience among communities. The main thematic areas of our expertise are Water and Sanitation, Environment and Natural Resource Management, Climate Change, Energy, Agriculture, Environmental law and policy, Natural resources governance and conflict management. 

We also have unmatched capacity in implementing research programs, project management and community engagement projects. We have the capacity to work and implementing projects anywhere in the country and the region with useful spinoffs to our clients and communities in whose jurisdiction the projects are being implemented.

A World where Science based interventions are promoted and implemented for community and ecosystems resilience amidst climate crisis.
We exist to promote environmental resilience and sustainable community livelihoods by linking research and development.
“Research for Sustainability”
Core Values
- Professionalism
- Team work
- Transparency and Accountability
- Effectiveness and efficiency
Research Link International Network (ReLIN)

Our Approach and Theory of Change

Our theory of change is based in the understanding that research plays a critical role in generation of data for decision-making and is a foundation for capacity development inspiring a collective evidence based developmental change. Thus, our approach for resilient communities and ecosystems are based on the following four pillars;

  • Research
  • Capacity development
  • Partnerships building
  • Evidence-based developmental interventions
Research Link International Network (ReLIN)

Our Team